HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2022 is here and Dug Deep Jewelry will be featuring new collections, Eco printed textiles, handmade dog collars and much more. Due to record sales and many items selling out in 2021, my hope is to have an abundance of items available, so you have selections worth investing in. Expanding is challenging but something I am tremendously excited for in the coming year.

NOTE: If you are currently shopping in the online store, supply is very limited. Feel free to email me directly with a request. Custom orders are encouraged and always welcomed. New Collections launch February 2022~ so get ready to be WOWWED by new designs, items and an abundance of gemstones, materials and one of a kind pieces of art.

As a solo artist, I’m humbled by each wonderful and supportive compliment I receive from customers. I’m challenged to create pieces of art that will be much appreciated by the owner. With that said, I would like to thank all customers for your support.

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Add a” WOW factor” of Industrial Chic/Bohemian style recycled metal work jewelry to your wardrobe or festival outfit while feeling good that you are part

of cleaning this earth!

Cleaning the earth one piece at a time!

Did you know that each metal piece utilized in this bohemian style, Industrial chic and festival jewelry line was discarded by humans years ago and left to the outside elements in mines, ghost towns and waste sites or junkyards.

Mother Nature has done an amazing job creating natural rustic and Patina effects. Because of this, no tampering has been done other than to gently clean dirt and debris on the metals then seal it with a clear glaze as to protect the natural features of the metal and your clothing!

Start shopping and discover the world of bohemian industrial chic pieces that are so unique, they turn heads. So much effort has been put into each design so to enhance the recycled metal and create beautiful one-of-a-kind gems that you can show off with pride.

Our mission & goal is to slowly clean up these sites, dispose of “trash/waste” that is not part of the historical integrity or cannot be used for jewelry and/or art. We retain the pieces of metal that can be recycled either for jewelry or drop off at recycling centers. By bringing this old metal to life with beautiful gems and charms, its our hope that you will love not only the jewelry piece selected but know that you helped our mission by cleaning the earth!

A portion of the proceeds from the sell of this jewelry line goes towards purchasing bags, gloves and supplies to clean sites of debris, trash and items that are not biodegradable.

Earthwise & responsible. Small Business and our customers making a difference!

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