About the Artist

A little bit about the Artist

Hello, I’m CJ McQuillen.

Born and raised in San Diego, I found myself moving north to Seattle in 1988 and falling into the Seattle Grunge scene, roaming the streets of a beautiful and culturally forward Northwest City in search of love, warm coffee, snow, music and the arts.

After 26 years in Washington State, I found myself an empty nester and eager to change my life. So, I packed my bags and moved to Central Oregon in the spring of 2014 for a career and life change. Jump ahead to the fall of 2020 and the COVID Pandemic, I found myself unemployed after my position was eliminated by my employer. Instead of worrying, I chose instead to use that opportunity as a chance to dig into my creative juices and focus on what I love most- art & mother nature’s beauty!

I’ve dabbled in various crafts and art all my life from sewing to face painting. But this new freedom before me allowed an opportunity to finally expand my passions and provide a deeper purpose to the things I love most. Therefore, I hit the road and opened my heart and creative mind to exploring ghost towns, abandoned mines and far off places collecting discarded metals, with mother nature creating amazing patina features……BAM– an idea was born!

The goal and mission of Dug Deep Jewelry is cleaning the earth of discarded metals and trash then creating Industrial Chic and unique pieces of jewelry from recycled metals, natural stones, feathers, leather and products found only in the USA at trading posts, roadside rock stands or small businesses. And a part of our goal is utilizing 25% of all proceeds to go back to cleaning sites of trash and discarded items.

My hope is that each piece of metal picked up at mines, ghost towns and waste sites does a little part in cleaning this earth we live and play on. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram as we travel to some amazing & beautiful places AND feel proud that you are doing you part by buying “Earthwise products” such as this jewelry line. Thank you!

What Mother Nature has on display should not be taken for granted. Enjoy the beauty!!!!!

Cleaning the earth, one piece at a time!

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