What’s under your feet that’s lucky?

Mines, Ghost Towns and Open Spaces

Each Collections title name has been influenced by a ghost town, abandoned mine and far off place I have traveled to. Discarded metals, trinkets and weathered products are collected, cleaned and brought to life. Paired carefully picked gemstones, wire and charms made only in the USA, this brings the natural “patina” features to life. Eureka, […]

Metal & Gem Benefits

The benefits of wearing certain metals and gems vary. Before you select your necklace, bracelet or earring set, check into how the metal or gem will impact your life! An example: Brass– Composed of copper and zinc, Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the strength and immune system and give courage. Red Banded Agate […]

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Superhero Mom’s out there for all that you have done this past year during the Pandemic. We hope that you enjoy and cherish the special piece of Dug Deep Jewelry that your loved one purchased for you at one of our Farmers Market Booths this Spring. We hope that you will LIKE our Instagram and Facebook page and post a picture of yourself shining in that “one of a kind jewelry piece”. Thanks for supporting small local business and we hope to see your smiling face at our booth this summer! Love CJ the Artist

Happy New Year everyone. 2022 is here and I’m very excited to be bringing forward new concepts of my art such as expanding the Wild Wild West Collection featuring Indian Trade Beads found up in Montana at 3 various reservations, All Tied Up Collection featuring hand tied jewelry and a fun twist; “Jewelry Buddies” which are stuffed animals wearing jewelry for the little customers. And we are diving into macrame dog collars, keychains, purse charms, leashes and so much more. This summer I will embark on Eco printing where I will imprint leaf and flower pedal designs onto fabric and paper. My goal is to provide packaging all plant based and eco-friendly.

In the Summer 2022 I will embark on a cross country journey into New Mexico, Texas and mid-America in search of gemstones from each state I cross path thru, looking for those unique finds to incorporate into works of art. So be sure to follow on Facebook or Instagram in June, July and August as we travel east in search of treasures!!! Cheers everyone.

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I’m happy to announce the highly anticipated new Junkyard Treasures Collection comprised of awesome natural Patina and rusty metal parts found in Junkyard. Yes you heard that right “Junkyards”. Picking was fun up in Washington state in Snohomish and Whidbey Island so I brought back a car load of treasures and cleaned them, glazed the metal and ordered Alaskan and Washington Bone beads to accompany this new line. Bringing the native spirit, funky Industrial Chic look together was no challenge. It pairs nicely together to create a unique and awesome vibe. Lanyards are available and I will be working on bracelets and earrings in May. Look for the line now in our shop!

Our new Junkyard Treasures Collection is available in our shop NOW!!!!!

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